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2017 Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs

·         President: Julia Trimble

·         Vice President: Rebecca Thornton

·         Secretary: Ethelyn Kuldell

·         Treasurer: Sheryl Mills

·         State Representative and advanced training: Allen Brymer

·         Membership: Janice Brown

·         New Class (training classes): Janis Terry

·         Volunteer Services: Carol Oeller

·         New Class Representative: Bonnie Brown

·         Communications: Mary Waters

Texas Master Naturalist Advisors

Office: 281-855-560

Mary Pearl Meuth - Extension Associate, Texas Master Naturalist Program

Kelly Norrid, TPWD Advisor ……Office: 281-456-7029

Extension Office: Bear Creek

Diana Todd
3033 Bear Creek Drive
Houston, TX. 77084
Office: 281-855-5614
Fax: 281-855-5638

Information on Volunteer Opportunities

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Main Office (Bear Creek): 281-855-5600
Fax: 281-855-5638